It's Official, He's Back!!

Published: Sun, 08/23/15

It's Official, He's Back!!
+ And Another Engagement
Dear ,

Great news!  Five days ago I emailed you about Anabelle and her reconciliation.  And two days ago she reported the much anticipated update: "Ladies.......he's meeting my family!  My parents (plus my twin sister and nieces) rented a house in Savannah for a long weekend in October and last night at sushi he asked if he could join us.

I about choked on my sashimi LOL.  I have to keep leaning back and letting him lead because that's almost 2 months away but this makes me so firefighter is IN! #claimed"

Last year I invited him it spooked him so this time I kept my trap shut and he is leading now... It doesn't work the other way around...

Just this weekend  he told me he missed me the entire time and he was very sad but we broke up because he "didn't like the direction we were going," that he thought of me all the time but was scared of my sobriety and he didn't know how to act around me so he thought he should stay away but he couldn't.

He was afraid to drink around me.  He didn't understand how I was feeling and he was scared to ask.  He doesn't care if I drink.  He didn't realize I had a problem until I told him I did.  He was kinda shocked because he didn't know I was blacking out and we never talked about it, we just pretended everything was ok, that's why this time around I told him it's important to me we communicate better and he agrees 100%.

He texted me 5 days after he walked out of my house, the longest we went without communicating was 25 days.  He would pop up every week or two via text or social media but we didn't SEE each other for 6 long months for the booty call then another 3 months after that when we had our brunch which was the start of reconciliation.

I only contacted him to wish him Merry Christmas and happy birthday which was a mistake. Then a month later he texted me happy birthday and I waited a couple days to respond which made him immediately CALL me, which is just a tiny little example of the power of leaning back.  Healing yourself is the best thing you can do.   He will love you as much as you love you."

He reclaimed her after a 10--month breakup and very slow coming back.  All by following what I teach to a tee.  You want a coach who is also a Miracle Worker?  You have come to the right place.  I'm an ex-back/relationship improvement specialist with a staggering track record.  Leaning back works.  Follow Anabelle's footstep by signing up for this hit program:

And as if that wasn't good news enough, on my birthday August 21, Kylie also reported that her ex wanted to "try again": "LADIES! Kat's teachings and methodology does in fact work! My boyfriend (who I was head over heels with and who was absolutely everything that I was looking for) broke up with me on July 2nd after only a month of dating.

I pressured him to make things official and pushed for a "title," I was controlling, had ridiculous expectations, reactive and needy.I pretty much did everything wrong from the jump. After he broke up with me, I went into straight "No Contact" mode.

I still had in my possession a few items of his that I shipped to him at the beginning of this week. Yes, this may have been me leaning forward just a bit but there was no note attached or anything. He reached out to me via text on Tuesday.

We've been texting casually back and forth for a couple of days (I was totally mirroring him) and then last night I received a text from him saying that he think he wants to start over and give "us" another shot!

Nothing is definite yet so I'm trying to not get overly excited.I am working on my rotation and doing the inner work. I already feel like I'm in a much better space...but I know I still have a lot of work to do. I will keep you guys posted but in the interim, any input, words of encouragement, advice, etc would be greatly appreciated!"

Kylie only got my book on July 15!  That is less than a month.  So if you haven't already done so, get it here and remember, you will get to work closely with me with a very small investment.  

And, ready for this??  As if that wasn't enough on August 18 my client Ruby who is the subject of this blog post just got engaged!  So no. 25 is in...only within days of no. 24

And, ready for this??  As if that wasn't enough on August 18 my client Ruby who is the subject of this blog post just got engaged! 

So no. 25 is in...only within days of no. 24

She found me for a private coaching since her long distance boyfriend broke up with her 2 years ago.  I still remember I was in transit in Taipei from Indonesia going back to LA and I coached her through Skype there.  Like many of you she was an anxious attacher and that pushed her bf away.

She was struggling with the new guy she really liked after him as per the blog post.  But by tweaking her mindset she finally met a new guy who really stepped up for her and the rest is history. 

You see, it all begins in the mind.  I literally give you a new brain with my coaching through which you see the world differently: no longer laden with expectations-driven anxiety and anxiety-driven expectations.  Once you master this, men -and the world- succumb to your greatness.

I live it so I know.  And I only teach what I know.

And there is still more great news that I will perhaps share later (don't want to overwhelm you). 

But if you are aching for your guy or ex, it's important that you do the work so you wean yourself off this addiction.  Keep checking my blog for new blog posts and you can search old posts to help you go through your pain.

And if you really want to learn you can also sign up for my monthly membership.  This coming Tuesday or Wednesday my client Mary who got back with her baby daddy only after a few weeks of in the monthly membership will be the next Goddess that will be interviewed.  You don't want to miss this call if reconciling with your beloved is what you want.

And Anabelle will also be interviewed for the next month.  So what are you waiting for?  With only $67/month you'll get 2 classes and you can cancel anytime.


PS: the headline picture is courtesy of my client LaTanya.  I thought it was hilarious.  What do you think? :)

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